The name CloZee (Chloé Herry, France) must sound familiar to all those who are into top quality glitch hop music. This young talented girl is known for her one of a kind style she combines technical precision with a wild imagination.
We at Glitch Hop Community were extremely proud to release her 3-track EP called ‘Inner Peace’ and have her on the official Wesh Up remix album too.
Thank you so much for taking the time answering our questions CloZee, we really appreciate it!

What is your aim, your mission with your art? What is your number one motivation?

- My number one aim is the followers (and the public during gigs). They are clearly the main motivation. There are also some tracks which are composed to certain people (friends or family), but I always share and give access to them to anyone because I think the followers can also feel the main message of these tracks, in their own way.

By listening to your music, all the melodies and harmonies you compose, your complex style and technique make us think you went to some kind of music school earlier. Did you? Where did you learn all this?

- Thank you for the compliment. I went to a music school when I was younger. I learnt the classical guitar for 5 years. I started at 11. Practicing was cool, but theory was really difficult to me… I didn’t want to learn all the theoretic stuff, I just wanted to play the guitar, learn everything by ear. So I don’t think the music theory helped me because I sucked at it haha. But the guitar definitely helped me develop my ears and probably the sensibility for melodies and notes harmony.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

- I think it can come from everything. It can be a picture, a drawing, a person, a song, an artist, a landscape, a memory, etc…

Why glitch hop is the thing you do?

- I simply fell in love with edIT’s music. I discovered both “Crying Over Pros For No Reason” and “Certified Air Raid Material” in 2007, and it was the first time I read the word “glitch hop” as genre. His music is soooo classy, so full of emotions, so melodic and powerful at the same time. I was like “it’s just perfect… even the rhythm is a melody, it’s always changing.” Everything is so detailed in his music. That’s what I loved.

We were honored to put out your EP ‘Inner Peace’ on our label a few months back. Could you tell us something about making that album please?

- All the tracks from that EP was inspired by a drawing by Lulu Swallow (used as the cover). I fell in love with it… I wanted to compose an entire EP from it. Something with no frontiers in the genres. I wanted to mix world music or classical music with glitch hop, and add tribal vocals, world instruments from everywhere…

There’s an awesome remix of yours on our ‘Wesh Up’ remix EP! How did it feel making a remix to this tune? Do you know the guys personally maybe?

- It was a lil bit hard to remix this tune, but also very interesting! Because the original is amazing, i used to play it a lot live, so i knew it by heart. It was difficult to forget the original and try to take another direction with the remix. I’m really glad to be part of this Wesh Up remix EP. I fucking love MC2′s work, since 2012! I met only one of the members, Ckel, 2 months ago at a Digital Whomp party in Paris. It was really fun!

Now you got a new single released called ‘Falcon’ on Otodayo Records. You also did a remix to an Otist Reading track recently. Tell us a bit about these tunes!

- ‘Falcon’ was a movie in my head. I wanted the track to be very cinematic, epic  which diffuses a lot of images. I wanted people to feel like they are flying. I hope it worked. I was very honored to release it on Otodayo Records, which is the label of a music band that I love: Tha Trickaz.

- The remix of Otist Reading’s track “When I Need To” is nasty. A little bit different from what I used to do. The dark side of it was really interesting, that’s why I chose this one on his album. I didn’t really compose a track as dark as this one before I think.

What other new projects do you have in the making? Any future releases and collaborations with other artists?

- Yes, a lot of collaborations are on the way, but I don’t know if I can tell it… so I will keep it secret :p. Also a new project with a good friend of mine. It will be announced soon :).

We really enjoyed those videos you did with Scarfinger. How did that idea come? Are you guys planning to do some more maybe?

- This idea came naturally. In September 2012, Scarfinger discovered one of my tracks on facebook, called “Hidden Personality”. He sent me a message to tell me that he really liked it and attached his MPC videos. We live in the same city, so we wanted to meet each other. The first time we met, we automatically did a jam MPC + guitar and there was a feeling. So we thought about recording a little collaboration together and share it, to see what people think. Now he’s my brother from another mother. Of course, more collaborations are planned!

What is your “dream collaboration? What artist or artists would you love to work with (any genres)?

- Jon Hopkins, Bonobo, FKA Twigs, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Jhené Aiko, Ludovico Einaudi.

Do you remember the very first track you ever made? Do you still have it? What was it like?

- I still have all my old projects and old tracks. They sound like shit… lol. But I prefer keeping them maybe one day I will re-open these projects and take the main idea to add other elements to compose another song. A melody can inspire me to create something else… I don’t know. The very first track I made was an “epic” hip-hop beat instrumental with so many violins, and a heavy beat… but all the sounds I used were soooo cheesy haha. It’s so funny.

Tell us about your music making process please! How does it go? What do you need so you can compose? Any quirks or routines? Tell us some workshop secrets! How does CloZee do her thing?

- I don’t have any routine when i want to compose. It’s always different. Sometimes i can start with the guitar, sometimes it’s just a sample from a song that gave me the whole track idea… It can depend on the atmosphere where i compose (if it’s outside, at a friend’s house, in the studio…). I like to be influenced by what’s around me, at the moment, like the persons, the place, the weather…

What was your original plan career-wise? I mean, have you wanted to be a musician since you were a kid? Or did you have other plans before this whole producing thing came up?

- Since I was 14, I wanted to study to be a sound engineer. So I did a “BTS Audiovisuel” which is the “common” way to do this job. But during these studies (3 years ago, in 2012), i started producing music more seriously because i really really enjoyed making these compositions. I could entirely express myself and share my creations on the internet via soundcloud, have feedback etc… It was much more interesting than the studies… haha. Some independent labels contacted me, i had constant support from people and blogs, and the collaboration with OckeFilms (Dance videos company) began, so all these criterias made me want to be a music producer / and “DJ” to promote my music in live.

Do you have a side job besides making music, or that’s all you do now?

- I don’t have any job at the moment, that’s all i do.

Do you have any tours planned for the summer? Do you have any tour dates already?

- Not much this summer. Only a few dates in France. But the US tour is planned for September and October and it’s gonna be amazing I think…

We know you were in India doing a mini tour over there while back. It must’ve been quite an experience. India… Who would’ve thought they like glitch hop over there! How was it? How was the crowd? How did it happen that you were invited there?

- India was really fun! I met so cool people! As you said, nobody knows glitch hop there, so they were not a lot of people, but it was nice anyway! A music lover / promoter made me come there for one week and booked me for these shows. He’s now a good friend.

What country would you like to go to play gigs, a country you never been to before? Why there?

- Of course, there are so many venues and festivals in the USA which look soo badass… It’s my number one country for music since the beginning. There are also so manz incredible american artists that i love. That’s why i would love to go there… and it will happen. That’s crazy.

The French glitch hop scene is coming on pretty hard. Many great producers, events, parties and a lot of glitch hop music coming from there… And as we see it, it is getting more and more active over there… What do you think the reason could be? That this movement is getting stronger and stronger there.

- I think it’s the genre itself. I think it’s very easy to like glitch hop because it’s funky, catchy, melodic, powerful at the same time. It’s a nice mixture of musical genres. The scene is very young in France, but it’s growing thanks to the internet and to passionate people who organize glitch hop parties in clubs in France… There are also more and more amazing international artists like Gramatik, Opiuo, Pretty Lights, The Glitch Mob who come to France to represent the genre. They contribute to this growth i think.

Now at the end, we got this new thing in our interviews, we ask the fans what question they’d like to ask you and we pick a few of them. So here we go:

What do you use to resample your basses?

- Mainly Harmor and FL Studio’s sampler + effects.

What do you like about glitch hop the most?

- The possibility to melt any other genre to it, like country, swing, world music, funk, disco… and it will never shock. That’s what makes it cool and unique.

Thank you so much for answering our questions we wish you thousands of future releases, projects and shows, please keep that quality glitch hop coming as long as possible, it is a blessing for all of us! Thank you!


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