Our remix contest for Dimaa & Mr. Ours – Crazy Frenchy has ended!

Let us take the opportunity to thank you all involved in this, Dimaa & Mr. Ours for the banging original mix, iZotope for the sponsorship and providng the amazing prizes and of course all you guys spreading the word, all you producers for submitting your awesome remixes!

We received more than 30 remixes, it was great to see that so many of you felt inspired to do a remix, congrats to all of you for submitting your tunes!

It was pretty hard to pick only 3 winners out of all those top quality submission we got but we had to do what we had to do so here we go…

★ 1ST ★ Inferno

★ 2ND ★ Plucky Dots

★ 3RD ★ Havel

 The official Crazy Frenchy remix album is coming soon with remixes from Elysium and Skryonic and the best 3 submissions!