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Mindex had time to ride off on a tour with these tracks through multiple galaxies.
These tunes are checked out, and approved by dance floors and party-goers from 100 different planetary systems. The most freaky freaks, which you have never seen, were all raving to these low freaquency vibrations.
Sounds of this EP could be compared to a saturated rainbow of colors, compressed to a state of plasma and charged in to a sonic blaster, out of which Mindex is heating it up from the future; Hanging freely, out on a planet unknown by modern scientists, and constantly creating more and more new music of unimaginable forms, inspired by the beauty of alien muses, filling his body with vitamins of psychoactive fruits and vegetables.
Now, this varicolored blast of prisma bass from out of his blaster has reached us! United Colors Of Bass! It is the one and only possible name for these sounds!
Now we can get trippy, freaky and dance as well, and hope, that this blast from planet Mindex will be regular enough to keep our earthly butts in a nice shape!

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