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Mr. Bill (aka Bill Day), Sydney based producer is somebody who probably doesn’t need to be introduced in electronic music circles, he is one of the hottest artists on the Australian glitch hop scene but in case any newborns are reading this interview, we found it best to describe his music in his own words: “it is a mix of unlatched, glitchy breakbeats, heavy, swung-out bass lines and flawless edits with a large dash of palatable melodic content.”

Hey Bill, we are really glad you are doing this interview with us, it is a real honor! Now you got a brand new LP on SectionZ Records! And we love it, it is some awesome work! Could you tell us a few words about your new album?

- It’s essentially just how I was feeling about music at the time. It’s less about the glitch and the gnarly sound-design (although those things still exist in it) and more about the progression of the music and just generally having a slightly more feel-good vibe about it than a lot of my previous work which has generally had a slightly darker vibe to it.

The album is called ‘IRL’. What does it stand for?

- In Real Life

You usually put out music for free and on your Bandcamp page and rarely on labels. How come you signed with SectionZ Records for this LP? Why did you choose them?

- They approached me and my manager when I announced I was writing an album and we had a Skype chat with him and the things he said resonated with us a lot, which is a rare thing for us when working with labels.

You had collab series called ‘The Collaborative Endeavors – A Glitch Opera’ that consists of 26 tracks which is like a double album and was pretty successful. How did you pick the artists for the collabs? Was there anybody you really wanted to be on it but they couldn’t for some reason? How did the idea come? Would you tell us what the whole process was like?

- I collaborated mainly with artists I hung out with over time and just artists I was in touch with (peers and such), they’re mostly all friends of mine to be honest, so it was kind of just me and friends writing music and putting it out there for the world to hear. The idea just came from me having a ton of collab WIP’s laying around and deciding ‘Hey! I should put all of these onto a singular release’, the process was horrendous, the amount of work that went into that release was insanity. For both myself & Funi (the artist who did all the covers for the series). But yeah, no regrets, we’re both really happy with the turn-out of both the work & the response.

What is your “dream collaboration? What artist or artists would you love to work with (any genres)?

- Hm, good question. Off the top of my head, maybe Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, The Flashbulb, Cashmere Cat, Charlie Hunter, it’s something I’d have to think about a bit more. I’ve collaborated with a lot of people I’ve wanted to already actually, and I’m always finding new people I like to work with!

Many people know you from your Ableton tutorials. Why did you decide to share your knowledge?

- Mainly because I wanted to show people how I was using the program and just add to the Ableton Live / EDM Production scene.

Do you remember the very first track you ever made? Do you still have it? What was it like?

- Hm, actually Rob Clouth (Vaetxh) is staying at my house now and he asked me the same thing, and to be honest, I don’t think I have it anymore, but I’m sure it sounded terrible. From memory it was either an attempt at psy-trance or possibly an attempt at sounding like Squarepusher or something.

Tell us about your music making process please! How does it go? What do you need so you can compose? Any quirks or routines? Tell us some workshop secrets!

- It’s always different. I just need my own space, some milo, a good attitude, Ableton Live, some inspiration, maybe some microphones, a computer and some decent speakers that’s about it. Not so many quirks or routines I guess, although I do like to take a shower directly before I start a new tune. I find it gives me a fresh perspective on things.

We know you go on tours a lot. What do you enjoy the most about playing at parties, going on tours? What do you enjoy more: producing or playing? Is there an upcoming tour you’ll go on soon?

- I think the thing I enjoy the most about it is actually playing the shows. Everything between, the traveling and such gets a bit monotonous and hard to be honest. I’d say I enjoy producing more, but I do love playing shows, too. Yeah, I’m touring America/Canada for like 5 months this year or something.

What country would you like to go to play gigs, a country you never been to before? Why there?

- Um. Maybe Asia somewhere, I’d love to play in Japan actually, I think they’d probably have some rad underground scene buried in there somewhere! Just the asian scene in general is something I’d like to crack in the future. For some reason I feel like my sound would go well there.

What was your original plan career-wise? I mean, have you wanted to be a musician since you were a kid? Or did you have other plans before this whole producing thing came up?

- Yeah, I’ve kind of always wanted to be a musician. I really don’t have any other aspirations.

How did you become a music producer? Was there a particular track or artist that inspired you to start making music? How did it happen?

- I was in metal bands for a long time, and then a friend of mine introduced me to the underground psy-trance scene in New South Wales. Next minute I loved psy-trance and wanted to write it, so I slowly just worked out the ways of electronic music production until it evolved into me getting bored of trance and then wanting to infuse more of the technicalities/vibes of metal with the vibes of also things like Aphex Twin and such & then Opiuo came along and started destroying with his sound and that inspired me a lot again and I guess it was just a mixture of a lot of things that caused me to be where I’m at with music now. But I guess the basic formula you could break it down into would be something like Metal+Psy-Trance+IDM+Glitch Hop = Mr. Bill

Do you have a side job besides making music, or that’s all you do now?

- Yeah, it’s all I do now! It’s great, I’m extremely grateful for it.

The Australian glitch hop scene is really popping now. Plenty of events, parties and all that huge amount of glitch hop music coming from there… What’s the secret? Is it the water you guys got there or what?

- I think it’s just that we’re all mostly friends and we all share ideas and techniques with each other, so everyone here is kind of always learning together in a way and that’s been going on since about 2008/09 I think (as far as my involvement goes anyway). It’s just like the UK scene with their neuro and dnb, I feel like if a lot of people in one area are doing something the idea spreads and everyone adopts like a similar steez or something.

Thank you so much for taking the time answering our questions we wish you tons of gigs and releases, please keep that good music coming as long as possible! Thank you!



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