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The Glitch Shop is a UK based group that was created to promote quality glitch hop music. They would like to do more than just promote artists through their channel, so they started their compilation series called ‘Glitch Shop ‘Til You Drop’ which is a great way to give very talented musicians more exposure, and put ‘em in the spotlight! ‘The Glitch Shop ‘Til You Drop Volume 2′ just got released and the guys are planning to keep these compilations coming… ’Til they drop.
We asked a few questions to the main man over there, Raptus.

How did the saga of The Glitch Shop started? How did the idea come? What motivated you to create this?

- Funnily enough it began by me noticing a barber shop called ‘Chop’ which instantly lead to a trail of thoughts, Barber Chop, Barber Shop, Gli – chop, concluding with The Glitch Shop. Thought it was a nice play on words and motivated me to start a Youtube channel dedicated to promoting the Genre, which I feel doesn’t get the exposure it deserves, considering the intricate production techniques used to compose a track.

How many of you are there in the group?

- To begin with Nick Filippelli (Founder of F**ck Yeah Dubstep) helped with the upload’s, but became too busy after a while and had to leave the project. After that Jelle Geus from Ordure joined to co-run the company, after being in contact with him through a remix he did for a release with Defazed and myself. He practically saved the company. Next up Aleksander Klug joined, who takes care of our art and design, as well as pitching some good ideas. We recently brought a friend on board, Tibor Dobroschke, to help with certain administration as our company is increasing, neither Jelle or I have much time.

How is this project developing? Are things going as you hoped they would?

- The project is developing and evolving constantly. Starting with Youtube promotion, to guest mixes for the channel available, for free download via our Soundcloud (suggested by Alex which was an awesome idea). I run my own events, using the company’s name, having already booked Reso, Skope and Droptek and plan on doing more to expose the genre. I’m really happy with our team and how the company is being received by our target audience.

What is your main goal what would you like to achieve with this?

- The main goal is get people the exposure they deserve. The achievement I guess is seeing the artists get that exposure simple as that.

‘Glitch Shop ‘Till You Drop’ Vol. 1 and 2 are some massive compilations, congrats on them. What encouraged you guys to start putting compilations together besides promoting other artists’ and labels’ music?

- Thanks I’m glad you think so. I think we just wanted to think of more ideas on developing the company, whilst keeping the same free promotion vibe. What better way than to compile some exclusive tunes and whack it out for free? Who doesn’t like free stuff hey?
We also believe it’s important to connect people to eachother; producers, listeners, promoters, graphic artists. Some very talented upcoming producers don’t have experience networking and getting to know others in their scene, we’re glad to help them out a bit!

You won an award at the UK Glitch Hop Awards ‘Best Compilation’. Congratulations! Well deserved! Did you guys expect it? How did that make you feel?

- Thanks man we are all so happy, I was drunk and got a little teary haha. Jelle couldn’t make it down, but both me and Alex were at the ceremony, had a celebratory drink out of the trophy, and Jelle has photshopped himself into the picture of us holding the trophy afterwards.
We didn’t expect to even be shortlisted to be honest, let alone win the compilation. As we were up against Adapted Records (Who won best international label of the year) so we thought there was no chance in hell.

How do you guys put a compilation like this together? How do you pick the artists?

- There’s several ways we gather the tunes. One is simple; people email them to us and we like them. We also look around the internet a lot for hidden diamonds. Soundcloud being the biggest treasure island, but places like neurohopforum.com, vk.com and facebook play a big part aswell. We’ve set up a wishlist of producers we’d like on the compilation now or later, and try to get in touch. We like to have a nice blend of established and un-established artists on board, so we’re sure it won’t be an unnoticed compilation and the newcomers get a chance to be picked up!

How much time does it take you to get a compilation done?

- It all depends this last one took about 3 months. Because we need to get everyone confirmed before we set them a deadline, then we set a deadline once they are all mastered.

Which part is the most difficult in putting a compilation like this together?

- Networking with the artists (17 people from all over the world, it’s a nightmare), keeping them updated and vice versa. Although for Vol.2 we set up a private Facebook group and added all the contributors to the group, so we had them all in one place which makes things a lot easier.
Getting everybody the same level of promotion appears to be hard aswell, especially with 17 tracks; you run out of ways to promote tunes at some point.

What future plans and upcoming projects do you guys have at The Glitch Shop now?

- We are planning setting up a website to host track reviews, artists interviews as well as production techniques and sample packs. Maybe even an international gig at some point, or host a stage at a festival. Opportunities are endless.

You are an artist yourself, had releases on great labels such as Adapted. Does being an artist make things easier when it comes to running / managing The Glitch Shop?

- For both Jelle and myself I think it helps a great amount. We are already well connected with artists in the scene, but being known for your music helps skeptical people have a bit more faith in how professionally we run the company. I think now we have built a following I shouldn’t think it would make much difference anymore to be honest.

How did your music career start? How did you become a music producer?

- My auntie taught me guitar and drums from an early age. (Who’s an insane drummer, check out Vodun if you’re into rock music) so always been musically active, especially my mother who loves her gabber haha. I think that’s what got me into electronic music, and decided having to rely on being in a band, coordinating 5 people etc, I could do it myself, using my melodic, rhythmical and structural skills from being in a band.

The glitch hop scene in the UK is really active. A lot of great producers, events and tons of music is coming from there. What could be the reason why the UK is one of the leaders in the glitch hop game?

- Well electronic music has always been a huge thing down in the UK. Home to Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert and Tipper who are as glitchy as you like, and have made a huge impact within the UK. I Also think the crossover from Dubstep, which developed in the UK, to Glitch Hop, from established artists experimenting with the Genre, Koan Sound being a perfect example, helped give it more exposure and encourage other producers to experiment

Thank you so much for taking the time answering our questions we hope you guys keep that quality music coming! Thank you!

-No problem, thanks to you for taking the time to put some questions together. TGS wishes all the best for GHC too, keep it up.




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